Family Friendly Winter Exploration Along Troll Falls Trail

Troll Falls Trail

Family Friendly Winter Exploration Along Troll Falls Trail

3.4km round trip

Trail type
Out and back




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Trek Through a Winter Wonderland

The beautiful lush green foliage of warmer months transforms itself under winter’s gaze. Hiking through Kananaskis Country during the winter months provides blanketed white and crystal embellished views. Troll Falls is a 1-2 hour hike perfect for beginners as well as families to test their skills on new terrain. Encased by lean aspen pines and ending at the base of a surprise waterfall – Troll Falls Trail has you feeling as though you’ve stepped through Narnia for 3.4 km.


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Trail Highlights

The Troll Falls Trailhead is visible directly from the parking lot. Branching from the left side of the parking lot, your adventure begins! As Troll Falls is a heavily trafficked trail even in the slower months of winter, starting early is recommended to experience the forest’s regal quiet. The trail highlights landscapes of broad mountains and a dense forest of aspen trees hugging the trail. 

Before reaching the waterfall, look for trolls under a small footbridge that rises over a stream. 

After an approximate 1.2 km flat hike, follow the signs that direct you to a narrow, single-track trail. This junction leads you to the upper falls – your halfway point and the reason why you put your extra layers on this morning. Cascading from the mouth of a rock cave and into the wide belly of water, the falls that are caged in ice are breathtaking. On sunny days, the rocks illuminate the blue and green hues of the waterfall. In late October and November, you may be able to hear the roar of the water rushing under the ice layer. 


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Return Trip

For most experienced hikers that want to add a little more trail to their day, Marmot Falls, Boulder Falls, the Double Falls and Hay Meadows Loop are destinations that can be routed from Troll Falls. Always follow the directions of the signs. Do not climb above Troll Falls as the trails behind are not maintained, and you won’t be able to navigate to other destinations. To return to the parking lot – and a steaming mug of hot chocolate – go back to the junction. Keeping to the left, retrace your steps back through the mystic shrouded aspen paths. At the end of the trail, the parking lot is visible. 

The best part about having started your hike in the morning is that you have time for a quick lunch trip! Troll Falls is a half hour drive from Banff to grab some sweets and rest for a well deserved refuel.


  • Leashed dogs are allowed on the trail 
  • Read our Top 10 Tips for Winter Hiking for information on what to wear, what to bring and how to plan for your Troll Falls Hike.
  • Stay on the main trail to avoid fall hazards
  • Before you leave, check the weather pattern, trail reports and avalanche warnings.
  • As the trail can be slippery, ensure your hiking boots have good traction. 
  • Read the Three Billy Goats Gruff before taking your children to the Troll’s bridge!
  • If returning to the trail in warmer months, be cautious of bears.