The Top 6 Picnic Spots in Kananaskis

One of the great pleasures that is available to everyone in Wild, Open, Free Kananaskis, is a picnic in the wild, with views that never stop and a hike that burns off the calories. To act out your alpine ‘Sound of Music’ vision for the perfect afternoon out with your loved one or your family, here are the top 6 picnic destinations in Kananaskis, in alphabetical order.


Barrier Lake


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Usually, a mostly flat hike doesn’t get you the same reward as elevation hikes. But Barrier Lake is an exception, with an easy hike taking you to many places along the shore where you and your best friend can settle in for some quiet time. With the broad, open and in many parts sandy lakeside, there are ample spaces to settle in for a relaxing picnic. Plus, why not rent a canoe or kayak from Kananaskis Outfitters while you’re there?


Kananaskis Village


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With all the amenities you need within the village and the car park steps away, this is the easiest picnic spot, but by no means the least enticing. Surrounded by forest with elevated views of the mountain range to the east, find yourself a spot for the blanket, or just grab a bench, and settle in for lunch. Remember to properly dispose of your garbage away everywhere, but especially in the village, as it will attract predatory wildlife!


Lorette Ponds


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These ponds are situated before the Village as you’re driving in from the TransCanada Highway, with a turnoff on the southeast side of the Highway 40. The ponds are only perhaps a 100 metre walk from the parking area and another 100 metres from the road, yet the feeling is one of being secluded high up in the mountains, many kilometres from anywhere. The boardwalk and path system allows access to nearly the entire shoreline, giving ample space for a romantic picnic.


Lower Kananaskis Lake


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The lake with perhaps the best mirror views in Kananaskis, the lower lake has many access points with many sites for small or larger picnic groups. A largely easy hike will get you to any accessible area of the lake. Once you find your spot, embrace the cocoon feeling as the mountains seem close enough to touch, providing an utterly peaceful setting with views even a postcard would never dream of!


Upper Kananaskis Lake


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Past Lower Kananaskis Lake and, well, above it, lies Upper Kananaskis Lake. With two main access points and acres of open shoreline, the areas available for picnics are seemingly endless. The great advantage of the upper lake is that it provides the opportunity for immediate access to much more challenging hikes. So you can park, eat, then hike, or park, challenging hike and find a picnic spot at the top of Sarrail Ridge for a truly breathtaking picnic. Once your picnic is finished, are you brave enough for a dip in the alpine lake? ?


Wedge Pond


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Last but certainly not least on our top suggestions for picnic areas in Kananaskis is Wedge Pond. This area is easily reachable by car and is also uniquely accessible by hike or bike on a paved path that crosses highway 40. Once at the pond you’re greeted by mountains nearly surrounding the water with a broad, sloping shoreline that is absolutely perfect for picnics. 

Kananaskis has an endless array of delights for the adventurer. For those who prefer something both a little more exciting and relaxing with their meal, the best picnic spots in K-Country fit the bill. Whether the desire is an easily accessible spot for the whole family, a private, romantic spot or a rugged hike with lunch (and the panoramic views!) being the reward, Kananaskis will leave you wanting more, every time. Check out this current deal package for a Spa and picnic with Crosswaters Resort!