The Top 7 April Activities in Kananaskis

As March starts to– hopefully– go out like a lamb, Kananaskis is entering shoulder season, where you can still do many of your favourite winter activities as well as dip your toe into some spring fun. Below are the top 7 April activities for Albertans to enjoy in Kananaskis.


1. Kananaskis Nordic Spa… All to Yourself!

Okay, you’ll probably want to bring your household, but the Nordic Spa is offering exclusive use of the spa for households up to 10 people for a two hour window! If you’ve been to the spa since it opened, you know how amazing it is to spend any time in such a magical alpine setting, but to have the whole place for you and your family, is truly a once in a lifetime experience. This offer is only available until April 30, for overnight guests of the Kananaskis Mountain Lodge or Crosswaters Resort, so hop on it! Full details are available on the KNS site.


2. Golf Reservations

The incomparable Mount Kidd and Mount Lorette courses open in May, but reservations opened March 23! The opening of our favourite courses always seems to sneak up on us: one day there’s snow, the next day we’ve got a tee time a few weeks from now. Gotta love Alberta weather! Start shaking off the rust and get your swing in order to face the challenge of one of the world’s great alpine golf experiences!


3. Spring Sleigh Rides

Admittedly, you’re going to have to hurry for this one, but your Easter weekend is made all the more memorable with a spring sleigh ride at Boundary Ranch. With the rapidly melting snow, these are only available until April 5, so be sure to book your spot for Easter weekend!


4. Cross Country Skiing

The snow in the forests resists melting the longest, and let’s be honest, you’ve probably added a few unwanted pounds the last few months. So, a trip to Kananaskis for some cross-country skiing exercise is just what the doctor (and trainer!) ordered for a spring activity. Get all your rental needs at Kananaskis Outfitters to venture out into the seemingly endless trails through the K-Country forest!


5. Waterpark for the Family at the Lodge

The Kananaskis Mountain Lodge is always a great place for families to get in a little staycation together time. Unfortunately with the provincial restrictions, the pool had been closed…until March 26! We are now able to have the pool and waterpark open for reservations per family. That’s right, your family gets the waterpark to yourselves for a 30 minute block. No lineups for the slide, no packed pool; it’s every child’s dream scenario!


6. Fat Tire Biking

This winter pastime is gaining traction (pun intended) with outdoor enthusiasts who don’t want to leave the exercise and adventure of mountain biking just for spring and summer. The fat tires are perfect for riding on unstable terrain such as snow and melting snow/ mud, opening up alpine trails that would otherwise be closed for the winter. Once again, Kananaskis Outfitters is your hookup for a rental if you need it. Kananaskis has even been named one of the ten best spots for fat tire biking in Canada, in particular the Shinrin Trail!


7. Stargazing

Well away from the bright lights of any city and with regularly crystal clear skies, there are few better places for stargazing than Kananaskis. Pick a spot in the village or a little more isolated while you impress your partner or family pretending to know the constellations! Sometimes the best, most illuminating experiences are free and easy.

With the onset of spring, one sees the frost of winter start to give way to the greenery of summer. In a sense, it’s the best of both worlds, as winter activities can still be done in a more comfortable temperature, and you can have summer activities almost to yourself in the very beginning of the season. Be sure to expand your outdoor horizons in Kananaskis in April!

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