Kananaskis Couple’s Date Night

Date Night at Kananaskis Country Golf Course



Here is what your Friday evening is going to look like:

  • Fun activity to kickstart the night before golf gets started.  Be prepared for things you can’t possibly prepare for!!!!
  • 9 holes of golf including cart on the beautiful Mt Lorette or Mt Kidd course
  • Fun and unique golf formats each week!!
  • $20 voucher per couple towards dinner on our scenic and cozy Lorette patio after golf!
  • $20 golf shop voucher per couple
  • Prizes
  • Post golf activity on the Mt. Lorette patio!  We started your evening off with something unusual and fun! To be consistent, we are planning on doing something similar at the end of the night on the Lorette patio.  Fun games that might be couple vs. couple, or guys vs. gals, or spouse vs. spouse.  The beauty is that no one will know until it’s too late.  No matter what we choose to do, fun will be had by all!


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