Adventure Package: Canoe Tour and Horseback Riding

A memorable adventure in Kananaskis doesn’t get any more iconic than mountain lakes and horseback trails. Look up to see the stunning scenery from the stillness of Barrier Lake and then look down on alpine valleys from the saddle of a wonderful horse.

Start with a Voyager Canoe Tour at Barrier Lake with Kananaskis Outfitters

Kananaskis Outfitters and Boundary Ranch have combined forces to provide Albertans with the ultimate staycation adventure, the Voyageur Canoe Tour and Horseback Ride. The lucky travellers will first arrive at Barrier Lake in the morning and paddle alongside the rugged shoreline of this incredibly scenic lake. After a 2 hour trip around the lake taking in the views– hopefully with some wildlife thrown in!–you will make your way to Boundary Ranch, a short 13-minute drive from the lake. 

Rustic BBQ Lunch and Horseback Ride at Boundary Ranch

At the ranch, you will enjoy a rustic lunch consisting of a barbecue burger, baked beans, caesar salad, dessert with vanilla ice cream and your choice of coffee or iced tea. Then you will meet your horse and transport yourself back to the Old West when the only way explorers could see these sights was on horseback. A one-hour ride of the Buffalo Loop at Boundary Ranch will thrill all ages with endless mountain and forest sights, with some wildlife thrown in…and a stroll by our buffalo paddock for something completely new!

Natural Distancing in Kananaskis

Kananaskis is the ideal location to remember what a natural wonder we have right in our backyard. Towering mountains, an emerald green canopy and crystal blue waters create the perfect canvas upon which to create your memories.

Staycations need not be less fun or less memorable and the Voyageur Canoe Tour and Horseback Ride (perfect for ages 6+)  will leave your family excited by the possibilities that the Wild, Open, Free Kananaskis Country provides. 

Package Deal

Prices are $99 for Children, $115 for Youth and $129 for Adults. Book it here!