Hogarth Lakes Trail Hike

Easy Hiking for Families and Rest-Days Around Hogarth Lakes


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A Year-Round Trail Fit for Winter Snowshoeing

With beautiful mountain and lake scenery, the Hogarth Lakes Trail offers a smooth and flat hike for families to enjoy views from below as much as the alpine views towering above. A kid-friendly adventure, Hogarth Lakes Trail offers a winter wonderland enjoyed by first-time hikers and snowshoers alike. The 1-2 hour trek through the open plains of Peter Lougheed Provincial Park gains minimal elevation through its forest, lake and meadow terrain. December-April are the most spectacular months to take in the flurry misted atmosphere and clear lake views.

Where Is It?

Access the Smith-Dorrien Trail about 50km south of the TransCanada/ Highway 40 junction. From there, it’s a 22km drive until the Burstall Day Use Area parking lot, which lies opposite the Chester Lake Trailhead.


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Trail Highlights

The Hogarth Lakes Trail starts at the Burstall Pass Dayuse Trailhead. Begin your hike in a clockwise direction. Snowshoe through snow-fluffed alpine trees or hike through the vivid greens of spring. Accessible in all seasons, the views of the Hogarth Lakes Trail morph under different weather conditions. If you’re looking for a new outdoor experience and have yet to try snowshoeing, this smooth trail is known for its deep snow surrounding the mountains. With little learning curve and providing an alternative winter exercise, snowshoeing is inexpensive and great family-fun, with terrific views as a reward.

Travel past a dam and take the trail right as you pass Mud Lake. The first of many lakes bordering this trail, it sits along the shore undisturbed as a sheet of glass. Following the shore of Mud Lake, a dense forest encloses the path. Pass through the forest amid bursts of wildflowers in summer or eerie calm in winter and take a left to Hogarth Lake. Hogarth Lakes Trail needs little path-finding skills as the terrain is easily marked by red snowshoe signs. Follow these as you continue left along the first Hogarth Lake. Hike through the forest and be on the lookout for birdwatching vantage points as, in the warmer months, the Hogarth Lakes Trail is popular for its birdwatching opportunities. Stop for a short break or for lunch at any of the Hogarth Lakes. As you continue following the red snowshoe signs, multiple lakes encircle the trail and offer mighty views of Commonwealth Peak.

Return Trip

Your return trip is signalled by your crossing of Burstall Creek as the red snowshoe markers lead you back through the trees. With your initial trip providing snowshoe practice, the return trip glides by in a motion of white-covered views and the soft sink of snow. Travel over Mud Lake, turning left at the last junction in the forest to reach the parking lot. If you aren’t ready to return home just yet, combine your hike with the Burstall Lakes Trail – a 7.8 km hike with glacier views, meadows and more lakes! Revealing the simple, quiet scenery of Kananaskis Country, the Hogarth Lakes Trail is perfect for enjoying the outdoors with family and friends regardless of hiking or snowshoeing experience.


  • If you plan on hiking Hogarth Lakes Trail during the winter, read our Top 10 Tips for Winter Hiking to gather your preparation list of emergency items, hiking essentials and advice.
  • The Smith-Dorrien Trail is gravel. Winter tires are recommended to enter the parking lot during the winter season.
  • Before you leave, check the weather pattern, avalanche warnings, and trail reports for the Burstall Pass and Hogarth Lakes area.
  • Bears are active in this area. Bring bear spray and hike in a larger group in the warmer months.
  • Leashed dogs are permitted on the trail.
  • Finish your trip with refreshments or wonderful meals from the many terrific dining options in Kananaskis Village!