Family Survival Hike // Morning

This is a 3-hour long family survival skills session in a beautiful outdoor ‘classroom’ in the Canadian Rockies. Starting at 9:30 am, you will join your guide on a leisurely 5km hike or snowshoe through a beautiful forest. Along the way, learn about the wildlife that calls Kananaskis home. Learn to follow and analyze animal tracks and signs along the trail. Your guide will show you a wide variety of wild edibles along the trail and teach you what to do should you encounter a bear.

Learn to start a fire without a lighter, using materials collected on the hike. Feel like one of the original explorers of the wild west as you sip a tea made from local plants and enjoy the views. Each family/cohort will be challenged to build a shelter using basic emergency supplies. Your guide will offer feedback and as a group, you will discuss the best place to build a shelter and what you would look for should you ever need to survive in the backcountry.

This tour will last 3 hours and will be limited to one family or cohort at a time to ensure the best possible experience! Maximum 8 people per tour. Great for kids aged 5 and up!

You may be required to drive a short five minutes to an alternate trailhead.

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