Cat Creek Falls Hike

A Great Hike That Can Be Enjoyed by Everyone


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Cat Creek Falls: the Kananaskis Hike for All Ages

There’s a tendency to think that most great hikes in Kananaskis are an all day, epic adventure that can only be enjoyed by those in peak physical condition. While a lot of the time the destination of the hike can be a long way into the forest or up the mountain, Cat Creek Falls proves that a great hike can be enjoyed by anyone, with far less time commitment.


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Located at the far end of Highway 40, 6km from the Highways 40/ 541/ 940 junction, hikers will see the Cat Creek Recreation Area on the south side of the Highway 40. At this parking lot there are outhouses, picnic tables and garbages, as an official recreation area and maintained hiking path. The trailhead technically starts here and then crosses the highway to get to the main trail. The highway has a crosswalk but is otherwise unmanaged, so take care crossing the road, ensuring children cross safely.

Once across Highway 40, the main hike officially begins. Rest assured this is a hike that almost any age, at any level of experience can accomplish within an hour or two, depending on the hurry you’re in! As an “official” trail, Cat Creek Falls is well maintained and even has signs along the trail describing the natural scenery.

Short Hike to Beautiful Falls

The path starts as an easy climb to a vantage point from where hikers are treated with a panoramic view of the Highwood Valley and the mountain ranges laid out to the west. The easy to follow path then follows a ridge that switchbacks down towards Cat Creek. Hikers will cross an old mining road and then cross the creek twice more. Soon after, the trail abruptly ends at Cat Creek Falls, a beautiful, tranquil spot surrounded by a high rock basin. The spot cossets hikers in serenity, while experienced adventurers marvel at how such a beautiful spot is within such a short distance from the trailhead.

In all, it will take your group 45 to 60 minutes to reach this destination. Find a spot to rest, dip your feet in the water (it will be cold, so the full plunge is for the daring!), relax for a snack and let the kids explore the rock formations, and head back the way you came in on the easy trek back to your car.


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Bring the Whole Family!

Cat Creek Falls is the perfect hike for families with young children, or even older family members who otherwise could not take long hikes with large elevation changes. Short, easy and with a destination that is so sweet, Cat Creek Falls is a stunning, bite-sized Kananaskis hike!